Conversational AI Service

Conversational AI service management solutions with user-friendly interface

Open new business opportunities through customer-focused marketing with LG conversational AI service

In recent years, there is a growing interest from the marketing, sales, and customer service sectors in conversational AI services that analyzing customer trends and behavior and provide optimal information to increases business efficiency. By understanding text or voice-based natural language, LG Conversational AI Service helps you construct a variety of services that provide answers suited to customer intentions. Open business opportunities and create new value by providing the best services through customer-focused marketing with LG Conversational AI Service.

Key Features

Intelligent Operation Management System

The speed and accuracy of data analysis are the key to a successful service, since the data as a result of running services is critical in understanding and responding to customer intents. LG Conversational AI Service provides an operation management system that visualizes more than 20 operational indicators analyzed by ChatMind, a data mining-based service, in order to help identify what customers want.

User-friendly UI Editor

LG Conversational AI Service provides ChatMaker, a GUI editor that helps you easily and conveniently organize dialog flows for complex and diverse situations. Drag-and-drop I/O endpoints and nodes, and select the logic for calling the nodes to set up a dialog flow that suits your particular situation.

Active Results Report Delivery Service

Analysis reports on service usage, such as dialog success rate, effectiveness of consultation, circumstances causing dialog abandonment, and analysis of first dialog, are provided periodically for the operator and customer service department. Operators can analyze statistical data to pinpoint the trend what customers want at the time. If the dialog was bit successful, they can analyze the cause and an suggest appropriate solution to resolve the customer complaint.

Natural Language Recognition Rate Improvement Service

By improving the accuracy of natural language recognition, you can provide customers with more relevant services. Based on the cumulative analysis of failed dialogs, you can better understand the customer’s actual intent. Also, to lead dialogs in the right direction, you can add conversational logic using ChatTagger. The more you use these services, the better the results you will receive.


Service Quality Improvement

Conversational AI Service’s analytics reports on operation indicators and the dashboard with visualization interfaces improve the quality of customer service and the efficiency of the administrator’s work. Accumulated data shows the most common types of customer inquiries and also shows histories of what kinds of conversations the customer has engaged in using the service. Administrators can see whether or not the dialogs followed the scenario flow, determine how to improve upon them and evolve the service more precisely.

Improvements in Work Efficiency

By replacing human-initiated tasks, LG Conversational AI Service is able to minimize repetitive tasks and maximize work efficiency. In order to implement and automate a complicated answer structure that responds to customers, we allow identical dialog flows to be organized simply by selecting nodes and specifying logics. This service can not only reduce the fatigue of simple repetitive tasks, but also offer customer satisfaction services that provide optimal answers to customer requirements.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

You can advance natural language understanding by analyzing the intent of answers that failed to identify customer intentions and applying the derived optimal dialog flow. The processing of increasingly complex natural language advances naturally based on the accumulated data, and this evolved natural language comprehension can improve customer satisfaction by clearly identifying customer requirements and deriving optimal answers.

Use Cases

Customer-specific Service

LG Conversational AI Service provides system building solutions that enable customers to request things needed and resolve complaints wherever they want. Customers can ask questions by voice or chat from a variety of locations, not limited to hotels or banks, and they can receive answers to their questions seamlessly, regardless of whether they are in the country or overseas. Even with identical questions, customized conversations tailored to the customer’s situation can help you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

24/7 Customer Service

LG Conversational AI Service provides system building solutions that respond to customer complaints, even when the world is asleep. Our consultation system, able to respond instantly 24/7, can help you quickly resolve customer issues that may arise at any moment. As data accumulates, natural language recognition increases, helping you understand the intentions of customers more quickly and accurately. With its differentiated AI technology, LG Conversational AI Service can help you optimize response times and provide fast and efficient customer service, while simultaneously reducing costs.

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