Big Data

An integrated suite of analytics software in AI and big data

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Data comes from everywhere, from a variety of sources. It’s essential to acquire valuable business information by managing big data effectively. LG Big Data Solution offers an integrated suite of analytics software that successfully gathers, processes, stores, and manages big data. We have procured a set of optimized analytics assets in all areas of data lifecycle, so that the solution can provide suitable insights and solutions for a variety of business issues.

Key Features

Highly Scalable Cloud-based Platform

A public cloud is adopted in the platform to ensure better flexibility and scalability. Massive amounts of data are effectively processed and stored so that the data can be utilized in a wide range of analysis jobs. Moreover, all analytics assets are compiled to libraries, enabling effortless and speedy installation of analytics environments and systems.

Data Gathering And Processing Engines That Exhibit Flexibility

A number of engines are put in place to gather and process various kinds of data, regardless of the data type. The engines appropriately gather and process data according to their type such as database, file, web document, Open API, etc. The engines can also handle all types of data collected from all levels of business value chain regardless of whether the data is of structured, semi-structured, or non-structured form.

Employing Latest
Data Analytics Technology

A range of analytics technology assets are maintained to draw meaningful insights from data. Based on the domain knowledge acquired from experiences in various projects, we offer analytics services optimized for business needs by using AI and machine learning modeling.

A Full Suite of Big Data Services

A set of big data services are provided that can be tailored to a specific business model. Some of the service modules are: a dashboard service that visualizes information about analyzed data and offers a monitoring feature, an interface that can communicate analysis prediction results to outer systems such as a company’s own enterprise system, and a notification service that delivers messages through email or SNS.


Making Business Decisions Based On Insights From Data

Invaluable insights are drawn from data to help make bright business decisions. LG Big Data Solution precisely understands the customer needs from customer data obtained from online or smart home appliances and delivers exceptional values and services to customers. Organizations can quickly detect business issues emerging from all sectors of business landscape such as manufacturing, service, quality, etc. and deal with them in a timely manner, eliminating possible business risks.

Reduced cost of applying new validation environment

Business places can take advantages of cost reduction with LG Big Data Solution which is able to offer better business predictions and strategies than domain experts. By faster and more accurate analysis and diagnosis of manufacturing and quality degeneration, business operations can resolve issues at the right time. This reduces time and effort to analyze the issues and helps businesses focus on their business itself to get more values from their business.

Reduced test management costs

LG Big Data Solution is provided as a turn-key solution to customers. Services are arranged to facilitate easy and quick adoption. We have tested and examined numerous existing solutions in big data domain and also developed our own solutions to meet the needs we have identified in the business fields. We have improved all necessary analytics technology assets and brought them together to deliver a portfolio of customer-grade analytics technology assets. Those assets can be quickly tailored and optimized to the customer needs, so that customers can benefit from reduced cost and less time spent to install solutions.

Use Cases

Intelligent Operation Service To Expand Smart Factories

LG Big Data Solution helped operators speedily react to identified issues right at the production line

A solar cell manufacturer accomplished quality improvement with LG Big Data Solution. All data from a production line was put together and tightly assessed on an individual product ID base to achieve best production process management. LG Big Data Solution helped operators speedily react to identified issues right at the production line. The core modules in the solution developed for the solar cell production system have been compiled to a set of libraries for fast adoption in other locations and businesses. This solution sees widespread adoption, and LG Tennessee laundry machine manufacturing facility, LG Chem’s battery production are among those who have adopted it.

Smart Home Appliances Service: Proactive Customer Care

Proactive Customer Care service collects customer data from smart home appliances via Wi-Fi communication and analyze the data to check customer’s usage pattern and device condition and provide feedback to help customers use product to the best advantage. Smart home appliances sector continuously communicates with customers based on the insights obtained from product usage data. Customers can use their product in its best condition and with minimum inconvenience. These services improve product confidence and customer satisfaction.

proactive care services improve product confidence and customer satisfaction

Demand Prediction Service Using Machine Learning

Predictive analysis based on machine learning modeling helps suppliers to innovate their operation

Predictive analysis based on machine learning modeling helps suppliers to innovate their operation. In case of ‘Prediction System for Service Material Demands’, this service exactly forecasts demand fluctuation in each warehouse and each product type, so that a balanced amount of stock can be maintained. Keeping the stock level to reflect the exact demand facilitates delivering customer service at the right time and drastically minimizing unnecessary cost incurred by over purchase and ensuing warehouse maintenance expense. Such predictive system will be extended to develop a sales prediction model. By enhancing the accuracy of sales demand prediction, this prediction service will help retailers set up business strategies to deliver monetization opportunities and achieve cost reduction with an optimized logistics strategy that manage optimal operation of their warehouse and distribution chain, which pipelines the series of purchase, manufacture, SCM, and retail.

Online Analytics Service

Online Analytics Service gathers a massive amount of customer voice data from online which cannot be collected or managed by human efforts. Text-mining analysis algorithm is employed to effectively identify customer reactions and provide necessary support at the right time. Product planning and marketing departments can get the big picture of customer satisfaction and dis-satisfaction elements and reflect gathered VoC (Voice of the Customer) in their product development. Online data analytics also takes a step into developing a global scale issue detecting and monitoring service. This service catches the frequency and diffusion rate of customer VoCs at early stages and supports business operators to deal with the addressed issues in product, quality, and service at the right time.

Online Analytics Service gathers a massive amount of customer voice data from online

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