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In the era of smart cars, the complexity of automobile hardware and software modules has increased to provide users with customized, comfort-related information in real-time, thereby increasing the importance of tools that can efficiently verify the quality of the system. TestPresso™ offers automated testing tools that include automotive-specific features, enabling you to build a test automation environment for faster and more accurate test results. Use TestPresso™ to improve reliability, from control to braking, and increase the product’s competitiveness by ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers.

Key Features

Flexibility and Customization

Designed based on Python, TestPresso™ supports various platforms such as webOS, Android, iOS, QNX, and Linux, and supports the expansion of functions using 42 plug-in modules suitable for the test automation environment. It provides UI object recognition and a simple test scripting environment for easily setting up a suitable test environment.

Powerful Detection and Analysis

A multi-media (audio & image) analyzer is provided to recognize various types of test input data. The OCR (text recognition) can be used to distinguish text inside an image. In addition, the deep learning-based image analyzer provides a foundation for analyzing new images more clearly by learning information about images already stored.

High Reliability

TestPresso™ has been used in various test areas since 2004, and, starting with mobile phones, its use has expanded to include testing for smartphones, automobiles, consumer electronics, applications and digital conversion products. Based on this, we have fulfilled the requirements on the functional safety for the automotive industry by TUV SUD, an internationally-accredited testing services, and acquired ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications. (August 2019)

Automotive-specific Features

As the requirements for in-vehicle communication protocols increase, we continue to innovate our management and verification technologies to better utilize existing protocols and respond to new ones faster. By applying various network protocol verification interfaces such as an automotive network protocol analyzer and logic analyzer, TestPresso™ can efficiently collect and analyze digital signals and provide test management systems to systematically plan and manage tests.


Building automated tests for various development environments

Designed based on Python, TestPresso™ supports various target environments and can be applied independently to development environments. You can build a variety of automated test environments using plug-ins implemented for automotive verification. (Device control, multimedia analysis plug-ins, etc.)

Reduced cost of applying new validation environment

TestPresso™ supports integrated test environments for software and hardware. A test environment for the development of next-generation automotive technologies is provided for more systematic verification. In addition, modular test features can be combined to easily create new verification environments while reducing costs.

Reduced test management costs

TestPresso™’s features such as test management system, automotive network protocol analyzer and logic analyzer can be used to structure existing distributed test environments and to efficiently proceed with ASPICE certification. A structured test environment can help reduce administrative costs by minimizing validation errors and optimizing management.

Use Cases

Battery Management System Test

use case of Battery management system test

The efficient use of batteries throughout the business has always been an issue, and investments in the development of battery management systems are continuously being made. TestPresso™ provides an automated test environment for BMS verification to maximize the available battery capacity and lifespan and minimize energy waste, and provides plug-ins for the integrated verification of software and hardware. By integrating test features that had previously been carried out separately into one system, a test automation rate of around 80% has been achieved.

Vehicle Communication Modem Test

TestPresso™ supports an automated and verified environment for vehicle communication modem (VCM) reliability, complex scenarios and vehicle communication modem testing. It provides its own plug-in for compatibility with hardware equipment, and guides to ensure that the test verification time conforms to international standards. By establishing an automated verification environment, test times which previously took 744 days were reduced by 735 days, and the verification time was reduced by about 98%. This provided the basis for securing the field test verification time, which is the most problematic stage of testing.

use case of vehicle communication modem test

TestPresso™ Solution Brief

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