Autonomous Driving Simulator

Open source based autonomous vehicle simulation platform

Simulation software to accelerate safe autonomous vehicle development

The LG Autonomous Driving (AD) Simulator is a simulator that facilitates testing and development of autonomous driving software systems. It enables developers to simulate billions of miles and arbitrary edge case scenarios to speed up algorithm development and system integration.

By utilizing the LG AD simulator in their testing pipeline, companies developing AD systems can focus on their own development, reduce costs, and ensure much wider test coverage.

Key Features

Photorealistic Simulation
with Unity HDRP

Simulate with photorealistic digital twins of real-world environments with accurate vehicle and sensor models to train autonomous vehicles across multiple scenarios. The simulator is based on Unity’s High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) that offers a high-fidelity 3D environment.


Extensibility and Plugin Support

LG AD Simulator enables extensible plugin functionalities, enabling autonomous vehicle developers to customize and build on top of the simulation platform to match their needs.

Open Source Automotive Simulation Platform Support

LG AD Simulator is fully integrated with open source platforms for automotive simulation such as Apollo, Autoware, and ROS/ROS2. Developers working on such open source platforms can simply download our latest binaries and run the simulator to test their algorithms.

Deterministic Physics Simulation

It would be cumbersome to analyze your data if you get different test results each time you run a simulation. LG AD Simulator ensures deterministic physics simulation; the simulation produces the same result or the same physical behavior if conducted under the same configuration.


Focus on Your own Development

LG AD Simulator offers an out-of-the-box experience that developers can easily integrate the simulator and kick-start their autonomous vehicle development. The simulator is an end-to-end system that is equipped with a full software stack for autonomous driving simulation.

Save Your Time and Cost for AD System Development

LG AD Simulator is an open source platform that can be immediately used for testing and validation of your own algorithms with little custom integration. The simulator is fully compatible with other famous autonomous driving open source platforms such as Autoware and Apollo. Developers working on such platforms can easily migrate to our platform.

Premium Features for Commercial Service

LG AD Simulator aims to position as an industry de facto AD simulator based on open source project. We also offer premium features for commercial service customers that further assist their autonomous vehicle development. Some of the key premium features are: Digital twin generation, Re-simulation and test scenario generation, Cloud simulation. Premium Service is expected to launch in July 2020.

Use Cases

Customer Segment


AD Testing & Validation (HIL, VIL)

Complex and real-time systems can be tested and validated through HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) and VIL (vehicle-in-the-loop) simulations with AD Simulator.

AD SW Development (SIL)

Developers can utilize AD Simulator to facilitate SIL (software-in-the-loop) simulation in the development of autonomous driving software.

Log Replay from the Field

AD systems can greatly benefit from the log replay feature in their development. By replaying the logs from the field, developers can retrieve crucial data that could have been otherwise lost.

Data Generation & ML Training

AD Simulator’s data generation and end-to-end deep learning system enable developers to simulate billions of miles and edge case scenarios to expedite development and integration of autonomous driving systems.

Mobility Service

MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) companies can rely on AD Simulator to assess their fleet management system. Multiple instances of vehicles can be simulated simultaneously by using Unity’s advanced feature incorporated in AD Simulator.

Sensor & Vehicle Configuration

AD Simulator can be used to determine whether the AD system meets safety requirements and the vehicle and all sensors are properly configured.

Sensor Design & Testing

Sensor HW platform developers can use AD Simulator for their sensor design and testing.

SoC Design & Testing

SoC HW platform developers can use AD Simulator for their SoC design and testing.

LG AD Simulator Solution Brief

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