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Development of modern automotive software is facing unprecedented challenges, because the disruptive transformation in the automotive industry demands more cutting-edge functionalities. Increased complexity in the automotive system and software also imposes a great burden to system reliability and safety. LG offers software tools that help developers overcome such challenges.



Reliability of an automotive system cannot be overemphasized, so LG’s automotive software tools focus on securing reliability by conforming to industry standards. TestPresso has been certified to ISO 26262, an international standard for safety-related automotive software. It complies with functional safety requirements imposed by TUV SUD, an internationally-accredited testing services. For LG Autonomous Driving (AD) Simulator, LG has collaborated with Unity’s machine learning experts in training autonomous vehicles with multiple arbitrary scenarios using accurate sensor models.



Automotive systems are built on multiple types of platforms and software. Cross-platform support benefits carmakers and automotive software developers by allowing them to skip the costly initial setup process. TestPresso provides a cross-platform support and is bundled with various plugins that are applicable across diverse device types. LG AD Simulator supports most renowned AD open source platforms so that developers can adopt the tool instantly onto their working platform.


Automation is the essence of modern testing. By adopting continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), developers can identify defects at the early stage and improve the system quality effectively and efficiently. This practice heavily relies on automation, and LG’s automotive software tools serve this demand. Both TestPresso and LG AD Simulator have their own Python interface through which developers can create test cases or scenarios for an automated test. Once created, the test are run automatically with the auto-generated script.

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LG Autonomous Driving Simulator

Simulating autonomous driving (AD) in a safe yet realistic 3D environment accelerates algorithm development and system integration. Explore LG AD Simulator for testing and development of AD software.

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It is a tough task to secure reliability of a smart car which is operated by over a hundred million lines of code. LG provides a software testing tool that knows all about automotive testing for reliability and safety of products