Conniro V-Cloud

Data-driven mobility care service for safer and more pleasant mobility experience

Upgrade the service fundamentals and take the lead in the mobility market

The mobility market is getting more intelligent, and the most influential accelerator is the data from cabin and mobility user. Thus, more OEMs and mobility service providers are trying to gather and analyze various data to reduce operating cost and differentiate mobility UX.

Conniro V-Cloud is a proactive mobility care service that improves vehicle occupants’ safety and satisfaction through camera-based analysis with various sensors. It processes and analyzes the cabin and vehicle occupant information data gathered from the client systems with our top-notch technologies such as Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Interior Monitoring System (IMS), and Around View Monitoring (AVM). Thus, it provides insights for our customers about safe driving, security, and cabin cleanliness, enabling our customers to proactively avoid critical situations and provide their users with highly convenient service. Besides, Conniro V-Cloud provides an End-to-end cloud service that connects the front end (application and vehicle) with the back end (FMS, service operation, and support), so our customers can provide seamless service to users.

the structure of Data-driven mobility care service for safer and more pleasant mobility experience

Key Highlights

Proactive mobility care service giving business values (cost reduction, safety & security improvement, data monetization)

Image and video analysis AI solutions specialized in automotive

Customer-centric AI solutions with over-the-air (OTA) update


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Sheriff Mode: Car Protection

Sheriff mode monitors and alerts a fleet owner and insurance or security company to car accidents and thefts in real-time by recognizing impact and motion by sensors. Thus, it records and reports incidents for liability issues if any events happen, First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Cabin Keeper Mode: Cabin care

Cabin Keeper mode detects trash, lost belongings, and air quality in the cabin. Not only, this mode detects objects, trash, dust, stain, etc., but it also provides cleanliness levels. Thus, fleet operators can effectively optimize the cleaning schedule and dispatch cleaner cars to users.

Guardian Mode: Driver Care

Guardian mode monitors risky driving in real-time such as distraction and drowsiness. It also analyzes individual driving styles, which enables to classify drivers into categories: low risk or high risk drivers. Besides, it analyzes factors causing driver fatigue through driving environment analysis and alerts a driver to prevent distracted or drowsy driving.

Nanny Mode: Passenger Care

Nanny mode detects a child and pet left behind in the vehicle and alerts a driver to a critical situation. Besides, if accidents happen, Nanny mode analyzes the health/emergency state of all vehicle occupants to make a call for rescue (e-Call) or to an insurance company.

Data Dealer Mode: Data Monetization

Conniro V-Cloud processes the data generated from vehicles and drivers while driving, which enables a fleet owner to monetize the data. For instance, a fleet owner can sell driving patterns to insurance companies or sell road infrastructure data to map service providers or governments. Thus, Conniro V-Cloud gives an opportunity for our customers to generate a new revenue stream.

Service Platform: SW Updates & Management

The more customers use Conniro V-Cloud service, the more customized AI service is provided on Conniro V-Cloud service platform. The platform keeps software/services updated through Over-the-air (OTA). Besides, it complies with the data protection law, CCPA, and GDPR, so it protects customers’ data secure and safe.


Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Cost Reduction

  • Secure the evidence of car-crime, damage and accident to cut off handling cost of insurance and accident (FNOL)
  • Optimize and reduce cleaning resource and cost for fleet
Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Safety Improvement

  • Minimize car accidents by warning drivers against risky driving behaviors and analyzing various factors associated with driving
  • Reduce the risk of child and pet left behind in the car
  • Enable to rescue casualties at the right time
Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Customter Management

  • Classify users and fleet into categories based on driver score and cleanliness level of fleet
Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Monetization of mobility data

  • Monetize analyzed driving data (driver score for usage-based insurance and road infrastructure data)

Conniro V-Cloud Solution Brief

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