Conniro V-Cloud

Data-driven vehicle care service for safer and more pleasant mobility experience

Upgrade the service fundamentals and take the lead in the mobility market

The mobility market is getting smarter, and all vehicle data generated inside and outside vehicles serves as a catalyst that can improve the driving environment drastically for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians as well. Vehicle manufacturers and mobility service providers can aggregate and analyze such data and utilize the result in enhancing the quality of services for users. In turn, user experience with those services will become more convenient and satisfactory.

Conniro V-Cloud is a proactive vehicle care service that improves driving safety and convenience through camera-based image analysis and sensor fusion. It acquires the vehicle state, driving habits, and driving patterns from a vehicle through the network, performs accurate analysis of the acquired data, finds out possible risks that the driver may not be able to catch, and takes proactive measures to prevent problems. Service providers can leverage the data to provide users with suitable and quality services for the given circumstances, making their in-car experience comfortable and pleasant. Conniro V-Cloud also adopts AI learning on customer data for continuously-evolving services.

Key Highlights

Recognition solution optimized for individual cars and users

Application of a variety of vision AI solutions: Driver monitoring system (DMS), Interior monitoring system (IMS), Around view monitor (AVM), Dash cam

Providing a customer-oriented AI learning environment and timely SW upgrade through over-the-air (OTA) update


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Sheriff Mode: Car Protection

It monitors accidents, damages, thefts, breaking-ins, etc. during driving or at parking lots and, if any problem, allows an immediate response. Through remote monitoring of the safety state of a vehicle, in case of an accident, it recognizes impacts and gestures, records damages to a vehicle, and inquires about the damage and accident history on the cloud. The data stored on the cloud is used as evidence to identify the cause of the accident and also to determine the insurance payment and repairing charges. In addition, by detecting breaking-ins into a vehicle and unregistered drivers’ attempts to drive, it can prevent car thefts.

Cabin Keeper Mode: Cabin care

By recognizing the cleanness and lost articles in a vehicle, it helps keep the inside of vehicles clean and pleasant. It combines the sensor data and image based data using the sensor fusion technology to acquire accurate data, and based on the reliable analysis result, it determines the level of cleanness and assigns cleaner cars to users sensitive to cleanness.

Guardian Mode: Driver Care

Conniro V-Cloud alerts drivers about careless driving (not staring at the front, using a mobile phone, etc.) in real time and provides customized services by analyzing each individual’s driving habits. It can blacklist drivers with bad driving habits. Furthermore, it can identify the fatigue of a driver, analyze factors inside a vehicle that may cause drowsiness, and deliver a warning message, preventing traffic accidents in advance.

Nanny Mode: Passenger Care

It detects and warns against a situation where children or pets may be left alone in a vehicle without a protector. In case of an accident during driving, Conniro V-Cloud analyzes the images of the inside and outside of the vehicle and the health state of the occupants and may make a call for rescue (eCall) or to an insurance company.

Data Dealer Mode: Data Monetization

Conniro V-Cloud allows service provides to monetize vehicles and drivers data generated during driving. They may sell driving habits data to insurance companies for development of usage-based insurances or sell road state data for improvement of the road infrastructure.

Service Platform: SW Updates & Management

Based on the accumulated customer data, Conniro V-Cloud builds an optimal AI model for customers using the cloud, systematic learning environment, and data generation/augmentation tools, to provide them with optimized and customized services. It provides regular updates through OTA to keep the software/services in a vehicle up-to-date and complies with the international standards including CCPA and GDPR for privacy protection.


Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Reduced costs
for vehicle maintenance

Unnecessary spending for vehicle maintenance can be minimized. It helps reduce critical risks in maintenance costs, not only the costs for basic maintenance such as cleaning and lost articles management but also the costs for vehicle repair due to users’ careless driving or accidents by other drivers, insurance payment, or compensation for damages.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Enhanced efficiency
in vehicle operation

By minimizing the downtime of vehicles for cleaning or repair due to accidents, it can enhance the operation efficiency. In general, vehicles used for mobility services show a lower operation efficiency than personal vehicles, as less careful driving by users results in a longer downtime. Conniro V-Cloud monitors the state of vehicles and by doing so helps keep them clean and functional, minimizing the downtime as well as their depreciation and thus optimizing the operation of the vehicles.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Improved customer satisfaction

To help secure competitiveness in the fierce competition of the mobility market, Conniro V-Cloud allows service providers to keep vehicles clean, make customers comfortable and satisfied, and prevent customers from leaving. Through continuous vehicle monitoring, the service providers can maintain the clean and pleasant state of the vehicles all the time and assign vehicles with the suitable cleanness level to customers depending on the requirements, preventing customer dissatisfaction.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Monetization of mobility data

Data collected and analyzed during the driving of vehicles can create new revenues. Conniro V-Cloud analyzes the data and generates useful information for insurance, road infrastructure, and so on, enabling data monetization.

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