Conniro DMS

Driver monitoring system for driving safety by monitoring the driver’s condition

Ensure safe driving and reinvent the driving experience

Thanks to the growing car connectivity, a bunch of data is being generated and shared around cars. That data enables monitoring and identification of in-cabin situations, driver state, and so on, thereby enhancing safety in driving and extending the coverage of safety-related services.

Conniro DMS, where DMS stands for driver monitoring system, is a solution that monitors the state of a driver using sensors and cameras installed in a car and provides optimized information for safe driving. It detects movement of the eyes, face, and head of the driver, refines the detected data through its core algorithm, and generates informative data about fatigue and distraction and even about what the driver may need. To improve the driving environment, the data is classified and provided in four basic categories – personalization, safety, convenience, and special functions for vehicle – and can be utilized in various formats.

The excellent performance, high accuracy and reliability, and cost efficiency of Conniro DMS have been proved in the premium automotive markets in Europe and Asia, and it will continue to evolve with enhanced technologies to provide customers with better services.

the structure of driver monitoring system for driving safety by monitoring the driver’s condition


Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Compliance with the international safety standards

The head, eyelid, and gaze tracking algorithms are the core technologies for a driver monitoring system, and Conniro DMS has been demonstrated its world-class performance in the field. It satisfies the growing and sophisticated requirements from OEMs and copes with the rapidly-changing market trends and ever-intensifying regulations.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Reliable performance verified with excellent testing capability

Testing capability, together with the tracking algorithms’ performance, determines the quality of and customer satisfaction with DMS. Conniro DMS secures in-lab and in-car testing capabilities and performs reliable testing and verification, ensuring occupants’ safety.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Support for production
based on experiences

Starting from premium car models launched in 2020 in Korea, Conniro DMS also has plans for adoption in multiple premium models in the Asian and European markets in 2021(three models launched and five production programs under review). Our dedicated production experts who have accumulated such production experience will help accelerate accommodation to OEMs’ requirements.


Head Tracking

The position, direction, and rotation of the driver’s head are measured by multiple cameras within the error range of position : ±0.2 mm, rotation

Eyelid Tracking

Using the technique capable of re-producing the three-dimensional shape and movement of eyelids in real time, it recognizes and monitors the eyelid state of the driver and detects fatigue or drowsiness of the driver.

Gaze Tracking

One of the core functions of Conniro DMS is gaze tracking, capable of identifying the direction where the driver is staring. By clearly distinguishing between pupil and iris, it can detect the accurate direction of the driver’s gaze. Moreover, it further enhances the accuracy by using infrared rays, instead of visible rays that may interrupt the view.

Ground Truth System

Our In-Lab and In-Car verification capabilities to guarantee highly reliable verification. To detect and measure errors due to changes in the driving environment, such as smearing light and changed viewing angle in a tunnel, and verify performance, the system is actually tested on a road. Through the test, it is verified whether the output of each algorithm is within the error tolerance, using the three-dimensional motion capture system.

Cockpit Simulator

Using the Conniro DMS’s cockpit simulator, you can quickly and efficiently customize various vehicle models and customer requirements. It takes time to adopt a DMS due to different specifications of each car model, such as the size or position of steering. Cockpit simulator enables configuration and test simulation according to each car’s characteristics and specifications.

Software Development Kit

Conniro DMS SDK provides interfaces for utilizing the input data (Camera, Sensor, etc.), transmitting the result data obtained by the algorithm, and logging. The modularized detection and decision algorithms, which are the core elements of the DMS technology, shorten the development time for adding or modifying functions. Besides, by only changing the module’s configuration, instead of rewriting the code, it is possible to provide optimal functions for different vehicle platforms and development requirements.

Application Areas

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Distraction alert

Drowsiness alert

Yawn and speech detection

Mobile phone use, accumulated fatigue, languor after a meal, and so on, there are a lot of risk factors that a driver may experience while driving. Conniro DMS monitors the state of the driver continuously and generates voice or haptic alerts whenever a risk is detected, providing assistance for safe driving.


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Face ID

It can identify drivers and passengers, if they are registered, using Face ID. When a registered driver gets in the car, the driver’s personal profile and settings including the seat arrangement and frequently-used applications are loaded to optimize the driving environment. If an unregistered driver tries to operate the car, the situation is considered car theft, and then, depending on the preset scenario, the functions of the car will be locked or the situation will be reported. A system to manage driver registration will be provided.


#Standard #Advanced

Head gesture (nod/shake)

Emotion detection

By detecting a certain motion or emotion of a driver, it can suggest suitable services accordingly. Detection of a certain movement of the driver’s head may start running one of the frequently-used applications, or a song in a reassuring mood may be played if an anger or embarrassment is detected from the driver’s face.

Special functions for vehicle


Blocked camera

Out-of-focus camera

Steering wheel detection

It detects a situation wcialhere the camera cannot recognize the movement of the driver and warns the driver about the cause. Furthermore, it can guide the driver how to resolve the situation.


Conniro DMS Solution provides three types of packages with different function scopes.

Basic Package


The Basic Package includes the essential Safety functions. It can be integrated onto low-level SoCs at low cost for cost efficiency. This package can also be applied in the aftermarket if there is a optional devices.

  • Application: Drownsiness / Distraction
  • Function: Head Tracking, Eyelid Tracking, Attention Warning
  • System on a chip (SoC): Low Cost/Low Level SoC

Standard Package


The Standard Package has the personalization and convenience functions including safety . It can be integrated onto entry level SoCs at standard for semi-medium or medium vehicles.

  • Application: Basic package + Driver ID / Anti-Spoofing / Camera Obstacle Detection
  • Function: Basic package + Gaze Tracking / Driver Identification / Yawn Detection / Camera Blockage
  • System on a chip (SoC): Standard/Entry Level SoC

Advanced Package


The Advanced Package has all the Conniro DMS functions including special functions for vehicle. It can be integrated onto high end SoCs at high performance for premium line up.

  • Application: Standard + Behavior Detection / Advanced UX Supported
  • Function: Standard + AOI (Area of Interest) / Behavior Detection / Steering Wheel Blockage
  • System on a chip (SoC): High Performance/High End Soc

Conniro DMS Solution Brief

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