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Automotive infotainment solution for differentiated connected car experience

Level up the connected car experience and build up the momentum for future growth

As cars are getting smarter and more connected, people expect their enjoyment and convenience at home or with mobiles to be seamlessly continued in a car. So, it is now a requisite for automakers to build such in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) experience to meet the expectation.
webOS Auto Solution is a full-stack IVI solution that incorporates a versatile IVI platform and a cloud platform including aggregated services. It enables automakers to build their own, differentiated in-car experience from head units to rear-seat displays and provide customers with a variety of content and services.
Also, through partnerships with a wide array of global content and service providers, it removes the burden of OEMs dealing with them both in technical and business terms.

Key Highlights

Enabler for OEMs to offer in-car entertainment and concierge services

webOS Auto takes in an array of aggregated global in-car entertainment and concierge services in categories such as music, video, productivity, and commerce. Based on them, OEMs can create personalized in-car content and service experience for their customers and level up the experience by continuously adding and upgrading the services.

Proven IVI platform with powerful web engine and media framework

webOS Auto Platform originates from webOS, which has powered over 120 million consumer devices, about 20 million per year since 2014, from smart TVs to refrigerators. Its web engine has proven robust security and optimized performance in many production models, and its powerful media framework guarantees playback of high-quality large-size media content without quality degradation. Taking full advantage of the proven platform, OEMs can save efforts while achieving the best performance.


webOS Auto Solution comprises two categories of offerings.

  • On-board Software : Software products that are to be implemented on board in a vehicle to operate the in-car systems and serve occupants with entertainment and convenience features.
  • Off-board Service : Cloud-based products and services that enable OEMs to offer content and services for the occupants.
component diagram of webOS Auto Solution's offering

On-board Software

webOS Auto Platform is a versatile full-featured IVI platform that covers head units to rear-seat displays.

  • Multi-display support – Center information display, rear seat displays, and co-driver display
  • Playback of streaming multimedia contents
  • Personalized UI with user profile
  • Powerful multimedia framework
  • Traditional features
    – AVN, Radio broadcast, Bluetooth handsfree, Mirroring (Android Auto, Miracast)
  • Car-to-home/home-to-car via LG ThinQ
  • Robust security
    – Protection of user data, system, and networking
  • Over-the-air (OTA) upgrade
    – Firmware, software, security patches, and apps
  • Co-existence on hypervisor
  • Readiness with other solutions
    – AUTOSAR Adaptive, Amazon Alexa/Greengrass, MCVP
  • Developer-friendly SDKs and professional engineering service

Software Components are certain components of webOS Auto Platform that can be packaged and provided separately for customers to enhance their existing platform.

  • Web/Media Pack
    This pack includes components such as web engine, media framework, and content browser to meet the growing needs of CP/SP services.
  • ECS (Enhanced Configurable Snapshot)
    It shortens booting time significantly and prevents degradation of the flash memory life-time by improving the hibernation.
  • EFS (Enhanced Flash Swap)
    It extends logical memory by swapping NAND flash memory.

Off-board Service

Service Aggregation includes a set of aggregated apps and services and all business and technical resolution behind.

  • Seven categories of major global services
    – Video, Music, Game, Productivity, Travel, Social, Commerce
  • Browser that can easily run various OTT services
  • Ready-to-use apps, already made for webOS, and API for app development
  • Integrated API for each CP/SP
  • Support for partner discovery and renewal and partner certification
  • Global service coverage

Appstore is a white-label store of apps for seamless expansion of user experience into a car.

  • One account for all service
  • OEM lounge – Cloud-based management portal for app and service provisioning
  • Seamless integration into existing OEM systems
  • Global service experience
  • Enhanced network and system security
  • Available as a white-labeling service or subscription service

Engineering Service

Engineering Service is provision of knowledge and technical support throughout the system life cycle.

  • Consulting and training
  • Porting, customization, maintenance
  • New features for the Appstore
  • On-demand CP/SP services

Bundled Products

Bundled Products are our software that can be seamlessly integrated with webOS Auto to enhance its performance in areas that matter in the automotive industry.

    LG FOTA covers the overall OTA update process including package generation, distribution, and installation as well as device authentication.
  • LG Security Pack
    LG Security Pack provides all-around protection against potential security threats to connected cars.


Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Premium Infotainment

webOS Auto Solution provides personalized user experience both at platform and service level. webOS Auto Platform is optimized for multimedia playback, guaranteeing satisfactory entertainment experience. As an aggregator of global content and services, webOS Auto offers a list of apps and services ready to install that will help meet customer needs and strengthen brand loyalty.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

High flexibility

webOS Auto Solution is a full-stack solution and at the same time allows a custom-made combination of its offerings. webOS Auto Platform can be adopted either as a full package or at component level, and aggregated services can be with or without the Appstore, giving automakers options to choose depending on their needs. This high level of flexibility enables co-existence with the OEM’s existing legacy system.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Unique brand identity

webOS Auto Platform is fully customizable and white-labellable, so automakers can create their own user experience in which the brand strategy and identity are realized, making themselves differentiated from their competitors. The white-label Appstore can be integrated into the OEM’s existing system.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Robust security

It ensures robust security from device to cloud and further protects user data, system, networking, etc. with security patches updated through FOTA.

Linux Based Open Source Platform With Reusability And Scalability

Professional engineering service

Throughout the life cycle of an IVI system, from design and development to operation, maintenance, and update, OEMs are provided with professional engineering services. Based on the experience of providing global-scale services, a group of platform experts around the globe will offer knowledge, technical support, training, and so on that are needed.

Use Cases

Full In-Vehicle Infotainment with Branded Appstore

OEM’s Requirements

  • It is looking for a Linux-based full-stack IVI solution.
  • It expects the IVI platform to support both the head unit and RSE displays.
  • Support for FOTA update is a must.
  • Security and memory performance are critical issues.
  • Automotive-specific apps ready and a white-label store to shelve them will be a plus.
Full In-Vehicle Infotainment with Branded Appstore


  • Support for multiple displays including the center information display and rear-seat displays
  • FOTA update
  • Traditional features: Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity (phonebook, call, music), Broadcast (FM/AM), and so on
  • Voice assistant: Alexa Auto
  • Phone projection: Android Auto
  • Personal settings of both the driver and passengers
  • Branded appstore with apps for entertainment and convenience
  • Browser-based streaming services for rear-seat passengers

Rear-Seat Entertainment with Aggregated Services

OEM’s Requirements

  • It already has a Linux-based IVI solution in place but needs a web engine and a web browser.
  • It wants to add RSE displays to the existing IVI system.
  • The RSE displays should support independent playback of multimedia content and their multimedia performance is crucial.
  • Personalized experience through multi-user profile management is on the wish list.
  • Provision of apps suitable for the RSE environment is a plus.


  • Support for multiple displays in rear seats
  • Independent or shared display of content between displays
  • Excellent media playback performance
    : Support for a wide range of Codec, up to 4K streaming protocol, and DRM-protected media content
  • Personal settings using multi-user profiles
  • Browser-based streaming services
Rear-Seat Entertainment with Aggregated Services

Appstore with Aggregated Services

OEM’s Requirements

  • It already has a Linux-based IVI solution in place and no further need for another one.
  • Its goal is to secure apps and services specialized for vehicles.
  • The service coverage should be at global scale, including Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • An OEM-branded app and service store is needed.
  • The store should be integrated with the OEM’s existing membership service.
Appstore with Aggregated Services


  • One account for all services
  • Major global services in seven categories (Video, Music, Game, Productivity, Travel, Social, and Commerce)
  • Enhanced network and system security
  • Global service coverage
  • Browser that can easily run various OTT services
  • OEM lounge : Cloud-based management portal for control of app and service provisioning

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