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Transform Your Mobility Environment through a Safer, More Comfortable and More Enjoyable Driving Experience

As the mobility environment evolves, the ways in which in-vehicle user experiences are provided are also changing. Whereas drivers, traditionally, had to be aware of and take control over the entire environment inside the vehicle, in the future, an intelligent assistant in a car will offer a variety of customized services in an integrated manner, taking driver and passenger preferences into account. Conniro™ enables carmakers to provide a superior driving experience that is safe, convenient, and fun based on the connectivity technology, by allowing a variety of interactions between vehicles and users, in preparation for the era of autonomous driving and innovation of mobility services.

Key Features


Conniro™ is an integrated solution for a connected car that incorporates products for intelligence, personalization, and connectivity. It provides a differentiated driving experience for drivers and passengers and enables carmakers to flexibly respond to changes in the mobility environment.

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Intelligent engines recognize drivers, nearby vehicles and surrounding traffic conditions; understand user intentions and needs; and provide users with necessary services and information from a comprehensive perspective. Intelligent engines are one of the key technologies for automotive connected solutions, transforming a vehicle into a virtual assistant that is not a mere means of transportation but in fact becomes the hands and feet of the driver and passengers.

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To meet the diverse needs of drivers and passengers, Conniro™ observes the behaviors of an individual in a vehicle, identifies characteristic behavior patterns, and saves them as history. Then, a personalized profile is created using this historical data and used for the intelligent engines to provide personalized services suitable for the circumstances. This new manner of personalization will bring greater comfort to the drivers and passengers.

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Conniro™ maximizes driver and passenger convenience by integrating vehicle information, vehicle functions, and external services into an optimal form. For example, by combining a point of interest (POI) search function and an advance payment service, carmakers can offer a one-stop parking reservation service that recommends an available parking space at the lowest fee near your destination and allows you to pay the fee in advance.

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Seamless connection between a vehicle and external services and spaces makes it possible to provide services that meet user needs. For example, 5G networks enable real-time streaming services inside a moving vehicle, and IoT connectivity allows users to remotely control devices in homes and offices.


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Improve Stability and Development Efficiency with High Level Technology

Conniro™ has already been successfully commercialized and applied in many global automotive models. The high degree of technological completeness saves carmakers time to develop the connected technology as well as maintenance costs.

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Easily Apply the Latest Technological Trends and User Needs

Conniro™ enables rapid response to diverse user needs and ever-changing technology trends. It provides a unified interface for building up 3rd party services that meet user needs and a cloud dialog platform that facilitates implementation of a carmaker’s own cloud service so that a variety of services can be easily integrated, enhancing user satisfaction.

Easily Apply the Latest Technological Trends and User Needs

Conniro™ enables rapid response to diverse user needs and ever-changing technology trends. It provides a unified interface for building up 3rd party services that meet user needs and a cloud dialog platform that facilitates implementation of a carmaker’s own cloud service so that a variety of services can be easily integrated, enhancing user satisfaction.

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Develop Next Generation Mobility Services and Generate Revenue

With Conniro™, carmakers can develop new business models using the data generated in vehicles. The AI element of the connected solution learns the user’s behavior patterns and identifies the user’s intent. It can also recognize the surrounding situation by analyzing the collected sensor data. Based on this knowledge, they can generate revenues by developing next-generation mobility services such as targeted advertising, usage-based insurance (UBI), and personalized recommendation services.


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Augmented Reality

Conniro™ AR provides an intuitive user experience for navigation and driver safety alerts by augmenting the real world with computer-generated visual information.

  • Advanced AR technologies
    Applying the industry’s top performing AR technology that incorporates conversion between vehicle coordinate systems, sensor data fusion, and image stabilization technology
  • Design flexibility
    Improving design flexibility with an SDK that allows the separation of application design from the underlying AR engines
  • Enhanced user experience
    Enabling extended user experience in service integration and an enhanced mobility experience
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Driver Monitoring System

Conniro™ DMS identifies drivers and monitors the driver’s condition. The solution ensures driving safety and maximizes convenience and personalization of the driving experience.

  • Driver state detection
    Detects whether the driver is drowsy or distracted by monitoring the driver’s face and eye direction and alerts the driver with a warning sound or notification.
  • Driver identity verification
    Driver authorization is achieved by examining the driver’s face and facial landmarks.
  • Manual operation switching
    When switching from automatic to manual operation, the system analyzes the driver’s presence and driver health and determines whether or not it is okay to hand over control of the vehicle.
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Interior Monitoring System

Conniro™ IMS monitors a vehicle interior in real-time. The solution determines the situation inside the vehicle and provides the driver and passengers with services for safety, convenience, and personalization.

  • Passenger classification and posture recognition for safety services
    Prevents accidents by continuously tracking children in the vehicle
  • Object detection and passenger behavior analysis for convenience services
    Analyzes the behavior of passengers in private or shared vehicles and detects objects left in a vehicle.
  • Passenger identification for personalized services
    Identifies drivers and passengers and analyzes their behavior patterns to provide personalized driving experiences and services.
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Virtual Personal Assistants

Conniro™ VPA helps the customer achieve maximum comfort and enjoy all connected services and functions of vehicle by natural and intelligent interaction, providing valuable personalized services.

  • Multi-modal interaction
    Supports the seamless and natural combination of interactions such as GUI, touch, voice, gestures, and eye gaze.
  • Multi-assistants
    Provides a combination of different AI assistant services, in addition to providing a cloud assistant platform which can easily build up OEM’s own cloud assistants for carmakers.
  • Multi-intelligences
    Through the analysis of user behavior, proactive and reactive suggestions are provided for tailored information and entertainment services based on individual needs, personal preferences and the current situation.

Application Areas

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Convenience Services

Based on the integration of in-vehicle functions and a variety of services, a one-stop service can be provided for drivers and passengers through a multimodal interaction such as speeches and gestures. For example, saying “Tell me about the coffee shop over there” highlights the location of a nearby coffee shop on the AR carpet and provides ordering and payment services at the same time for increased convenience for the driver and passengers.

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Safety Services

A large amount of data generated in vehicles thanks to the enhanced vehicle connectivity helps expand the coverage of safety services that can identify the in-vehicle situation and the status of drivers and passengers. Using the driver/interior monitoring and voice assistant technologies, Conniro™ alerts users of dangerous situations while driving through voice or haptic notifications and take appropriate measures to ensure safe driving.

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Entertainment Services

As the autonomous driving technology advances, drivers will be able to spend time using services while on the move instead of driving, and the importance of entertainment services that help passengers enjoy new driving experiences will increase. Conniro™ provides users with entertainment services such as a content service capable of identifying a passenger and recommending proper content and a service capable of recognizing the feeling of a passenger and playing appropriate content for the recognized feeling.

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