Growing Impact of Software Testing

May 15, 2020 | Trends

The development of modern automotive software is facing unprecedented challenges, as cutting-edge functionalities are required across vehicle technologies to provide more useful and diverse content that meet customer needs. Accordingly, requirements for the automotive system and software have become much diverse, and it is more challenging to ensure system reliability and safety. Various methods have been proposed to solve the problems faced and to provide higher value for customers.

Test Automation

Automation of software testing has become a necessity rather than a choice because of exponential growth in requirements as system complexity increases. By adopting test automation to continuous integration and continuous delivery, you can quickly improve system quality by early detecting errors. You can maintain high-quality standards by tracking and managing functional and non-functional requirements and all testing processes and analyzing test result data, thereby increasing the brand value.


The reliability becomes the top concern in automotive systems and software, as customer expectations for the vehicle industry rise, and the complexity of the technology to support it increases. Software reliability testing is used as an implement to continuously improve the value and enhance the quality of automotive software technology where security and safety are paramount. Software reliability tests can help you determine whether the data that the software provides is reliable and verify whether the scheduled operation is accomplished for a given amount of time in a stable state.

Enhance Product Maturity and
Competitiveness with


Scalability across Product

The automotive industry is evolving fast and drastically in the middle of paradigm shift, and carmakers are developing car systems based on a variety of platforms and software. By adopting a tool that supports wide range of platforms, vehicle manufacturers and automotive software developers can get started without expensive initial setup costs. Besides, more stable maintenance is possible when a fundamental change occurs in the system, such as platform change, system upgrade, overhaul, and resource reduction.

Product Quality Improvement

Humans always make mistakes. Some of the mistakes could be fatal and dangerous. By continuously testing all components, you can control these risks to ensure customer safety and minimize the cost of managing defects and errors. Besides, a simulating test that can cope with extreme situations is essential. High-quality products can provide customers with an engaging experience, increasing reliability, and creating more business opportunities in the business driven by the customer.

LG’s software tools focus on securing reliability and scalability by conforming to industry standards. TestPresso™ has been certified to ISO 26262, an international standard for automotive safety-related software. It complies with functional safety requirements imposed by TUV SUD, an internationally-accredited testing services, provides cross-platform support and is bundled with various plugins that are applicable across diverse device types.

For LG Autonomous Driving (AD) Simulator, LG has collaborated with Unity’s machine learning experts in training autonomous vehicles with multiple arbitrary scenarios using accurate sensor models. It supports the most renowned open source AD platforms so that developers can adopt the tool instantly onto their working platform.

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