Shared Mobility

Sep 6, 2019 | Trends

Bolstered by the development of other disruptive trends, shared mobility redefines the business of transportation services and ushers in entirely new types of business models. More cost effective options will become available that serve public and on-demand transportation needs, rendering private ownership optional and participation in the mobility markets attractive. Mobility service providers need to focus on and build up their own specialty features and services to pull more customers. A platform that enables monetization opportunities and personalized user experiences will be the first option for shared mobility business operators.

Monetization Models

Carmakers and fleet operators can take full advantages with a platform that helps them grow their business. Monetization opportunities will be the key to business success. Besides their transportation service, mobility service providers can make revenue from user subscription to mobility service or media content service. Customer data is of course the most valuable asset. Personalized services or targeted advertisements are expected to add substantial revenue. No doubt that their shared mobility platform should meet such requirements.

Mobility service providers can make the most of customer data with our automotive solutions. Conniro is equipped with an AI feature that identifies user intention and behavior pattern, based on which personalized or targeted advertisements and services are proposed as a prospective business model. webOS Auto has integrated LG app store in its platform where business-purpose applications can be published. Subscription model is also available in the app store to further enable business opportunities.

High Value Proposition

As many players come into the shared mobility market, mobility customers have more options to choose rides that satisfy their needs. Without proper value proposition of their mobility service, market participants won’t succeed against their competitors. Differentiated customer experience produced by personalized services, rich app content, and media content services makes a key difference in their choice.

Conniro offers a differentiated in-car experience to passengers who share rides. Its IMS (Interior Monitoring System) feature ensures safety of the occupants and the vehicle on driving altogether. The multimodal service which enables multiple modes of interaction between each passenger and the car appreciably increases user satisfaction. webOS Auto’s multi-display capability can be a game changer for fleet service providers. Individual convenience and private use of media can be a significant boost to user satisfaction and chances to be selected against other ride options. webOS Auto has strong support of media content providers with rich content. This increases the customer volume by pulling more users by satisfying their content needs during journey.

Fleet Services

Participants in the shared mobility market are prompted to search for shared mobility platforms with decent fleet management services and proven security protections. Cost reduction is of major concern to fleet operators to stay competitive in their operation. Fleet management services can achieve such requirements by putting together necessary services such as customer data collection and utilization, distribution of services, and access to payment methods.

webOS Auto can lend a helping hand to fleet operators in their fleet management. It would be a burdensome and expensive task for the operators to manage customer data. webOS Auto has integrated a high-tech cloud platform to deliver care-free data collection and data utilization benefits. When service providers want to sell or launch new services, the OTA update feature of webOS Auto assists in the distribution of newly developed services or feature upgrades. All such capitalization opportunities aren’t feasible without ease of access to payment methods. webOS Auto offers payment services that fleet operators can make use of, reducing their effort to implement such services.

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