Aug 16, 2019 | Trends

Continual enhancement in car connectivity opens new opportunities to both carmakers and passengers. Customer demand for better connectivity and high-quality connected services increases rapidly. Carmakers have got to deliver new types of connectivity based services that meet the challenging connectivity needs. Using connectivity features to make personalized experience richer and utilizing data generated from the car with cloud based services to provide better car safety and convenience will add new dimensions to business. In the meantime, it’s vital to prepare a system that safeguards passengers and the car from vehicle security threats.

Comfort and Convenience

People expect to get more comfortable and convenient user experience by exploiting connectivity features and services, especially those that enrich driving experience. Car connectivity which usually relied on mobile devices as its gateway can now directly communicate with the world through cloud services. Such improved connectivity has made available new types of connected services. Based on data collected from driving, drivers can enjoy better personalized experiences such as their driving pattern indication and effectively manage the automotive system via automatic updates and vehicle health monitoring applications. Cloud services can further assist drivers with intelligent operations such as traffic and accidents information, remote parking availability, gas station information, etc. No doubt People definitely tend to choose the model with better connectivity services integrated.

webOS Auto has integrated a most advance cloud platform to enhance user experience to the maximum. Via its cloud service, carmakers and fleet operators can build their own business or service models based on car data. OTA updates help maintain software up-to-date and distribute latest features constantly. Map services from HERE and Mapbox integrated in webOS Auto enriches driving experiences with optimized map data and location services.


Increase in car connectivity indicates increase in security threats. Car security is directly related with passenger safety, so people take it seriously. They desire a system that can protect their car from hacking attempts to steal the car or leak personal information.

webOS Auto has applied a multi-layered security system to safeguard the car from security threats. A hierarchical approach is employed to control running applications’ access to system resources at each layer. Jailer, a security system to run a program in a separated re-rooted filesystem, is also in place to promote system stability. webOS Auto applies a security control on remote network to protect network accessibility from unauthorized access, misuse, modification attempt, and DoS (Denial of Service) attack. The system can be safely protected from newly discovered security issues since security updates are distributed using OTA (over-the-air) updates.

Business Opportunities

As the wide-spread of smart devices brought in a tremendous growth of mobile ecosystems, improved connectivity will also open new, unprecedented business opportunities. Customers are likely to choose car brands that incorporate infotainment system and services with additional benefits such as increased convenience and advanced safety features. To facilitate the delivery of such services, it’s essential to establish a platform that supports various applications with rich content and an appstore where carmakers’ own brand applications can be distributed.

webOS Auto utilizes the LG Appstore which are bundled with more than 500 applications featuring entertainment, games, life, education, etc. to provide differentiated experiences to car users. Carmakers can distribute OEM brand applications via LG Appstore. This enables carmakers to achieve brand and service differentiation and build monetization models. In addition, thanks to webOS Auto’s SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based architecture, carmakers and fleet operators can easily deploy their new service applications onto the existing system with minimum effort.

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