LG Chem, Gaining Reliability in Testing and Able to Focus on Innovation

Sep 21, 2020 | Resources

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TestPresso™ is an integrated testing solution that offers automated testing tools. It enables customers to build a test automation environment that guarantees faster and more accurate test results, thereby helping them improve the efficiency and reliability of testing.

LG Chem is one of the largest chemical companies, headquartered in Seoul. It leads the future eco-friendly energy industry with the development of proprietary materials and next-generation battery cells.

Customer Needs

LG Chem has been successfully positioned itself as a global leader in the battery industry for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems (ESS).
However, as the software of a battery management system (BMS) for automotive batteries grows in volume and new versions are released more frequently, it becomes a burden for the company to perform all the tests manually with the limited personnel and resources. In addition, the growing complexity of software, diversity in the product lineup, and intensified quality requirements from client companies such as OEMs have forced the company to think of how to diversify the test methods and widen the test coverage.
LG Chem was further seeking for an alternative for expensive hardware-in-loop (HIL) simulation wherever applicable to save costs.

What customer wanted before?

  1. Automated testing of a battery management system
  2. Diversified test methods and wider test coverage
  3. Better effectiveness and efficiency of testing

“TestPresso™ has saved us trouble in testing, so now we can concentrate the efforts more on finding ways to create new values for our customers.”

Yusung Sim

Advanced Automotive Battery / Research Park, LG Chem

Enhance Product Maturity and
Competitiveness with



LG Chem wanted to advance the BMS verification process overall in their automotive battery production line. Through a PoC of TestPresso, LG Chem found that TestPresso™ has the potential to meet their needs for test automation and further improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of their test environment. Then, it conducted a pilot project for with TestPresso, before full-out application, to prove the potential in practice and identify more requirements in detail.
Based on the knowledge from the two preliminary tasks, the following test environment architecture has drawn up and implemented in LG Chem’s automotive battery production line.

solution diagram describing how TestPresso integrates and works with customer systems
  1. Easy and automated generation of test scripts
    – Using Excel, a non code expert can generate scripts for specified test cases.
  2. Support for ECU standard protocols
    – Communication protocols for vehicles, such as CAN/LIN and Serial
    – Verification of the BMS diagnostic results
  3. Control of the Automotive Electronic Simulator (AES)
    – Battery disconnect unit (BDU) plug-ins for Serial and GPIB communication

As a result, TestPresso has

  • Generated standardized Excel templates defining BMS tests.
  • Extended the test coverage including integrated testing, functional testing, hardware electrical property testing, environmental testing, and system level testing
  • Implemented support for Modbus TCP/485/CAN Protocols for ESS Test Environment(MBMS Simulator)
  • Enabled analysis and monitoring of test results
  • Defined objective criteria for determination and set up an automated determination process
  • Made available to analyze the cause of errors through a report


After applying TestPresso™ into the production line, LG Chem is now able to:

  • minimize human errors using templates and quantified data,
  • run automated test processes up to 85%, and
  • perform more tests and verification methods.

The accuracy and reliability of test have been greatly improved.

  • save costs and time for testing through automation, and
  • lower the skill barrier for test operators by adopting an easy-to-use interface.

The test environment has become more efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use and maintain.

What customer sees after?

  1. Higher test automation rate up to 85%
  2. Widened test coverage
  3. Reduced time and costs for testing by about half
rate of automation before and after adoption of TestPresso in customer model A, B, and C

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