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Dec 7, 2020 | Resources

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Conniro™ AR provides an intuitive user experience for safety for drivers by utilizing augmented reality (AR) technologies that expand computer-generated visual information into the real world. It is compatible with various vehicle sensors, including ADAS, front camera, and GPS, to provide an optimal driving environment.

LG U+ is a Korean wired and wireless communication service provider. LG U+ enriches life and makes customers happier with excellent mobile services. From the Internet to artificial intelligence, LG U+ adds new values to everyone’s daily life with incredible speed and convenience that have never been experienced.


AR navigation could only be used by installing expensive cameras and separated devices that supports AR navigation in the vehicle. Besides, car AR navigation problems were that it was significantly affected by security problems such as hacking and that it was not easy to carry. Despite these shortcomings, vehicle AR navigation accuracy and convenience are an attractive factor that can increase driver satisfaction, so the market is continuously demanding a way to efficiently use AR navigation.

Disadvantages of AR navigation

  • Need to use expensive cameras and navigation equipment that supports AR
  • Potential security issues such as hacking and privacy
  • Not easy to carry because of installed the equipment in the vehicle

Customer Needs

LG U+ launched a new service called U+ Kakao navigation in cooperation with Kakao mobility. It has gotten an excellent result in the customer satisfaction survey in smart transformation services, but there was an impulsion for a new strategy to differentiate the service from the existing mobile navigation services. Before and after introducing 5G, LG U+ paid attention to the changes in navigation contents that new communication technologies would bring. They considered adopting three- dimensional AR to mobile navigation for customer convenience and driving safety.

“With AR route guidance, for the first to be introduced in mobile navigation in Korea, the inconvenience that confused customers at crossroads was resolved by using highly intuitive AR technologies.”

Minku Kim

Mobile Service Division, LG +


LG U+ planned to provide a new three-dimensional AR-based mobile navigation service to solve the problem of existing AR navigation and improve accuracy in guidance and customer’s driving safety and estimated the applicability of Conniro AR, which is LG Electronics’ AR engine technology. LG Electronics’ AR engine was evaluated to be superior to other companies in major vehicle navigation performance areas such as accuracy, response time, and route guidance scene. So the two companies started joint development of AR navigation that expanded the existing vehicle AR engine to mobile devices. Despite the risk of developing a new service that does not exist in the market, the project team managed to launch the U+ AR navigation based on a rich set of hands-on skill and could showcase it to customers.

showing how LG U+ AR navigation works

3D lane carpet

  • A function to guide the lane to drive
  • Displays a carpet image over the lane to drive on a mobile screen (※ Patented technology of LG Electronics)

Turn by turn

  • A function to inform the remaining distance and direction before the car turns
  • Display the driving direction image over the road

AR arrow for rotation point

  • A function to guide the direction where the car should turn with a large arrow
  • Displays an arrow shape in the direction to turn at intersections

AR Destination sign

  • A function that marks a designation sign on the destination or waypoint buildings
  • Displays a destination icon over the actual image of the destination on a mobile screen

Augmented reality
for intuitive navigation and driver safety

Conniro™ AR

Strengths of Conniro™ AR

  • Outstanding performance in vehicle navigation
  • Expandability to new products such as AR HUD and CID based own AR engine technology and differentiated functions
  • High accuracy of AR images along with vehicle sensors
  • Advanced speed and technical accuracy compared to vehicle navigation

Value Investment for The Future

LG U+ AR navigation receives positive reviews in the market as a new service for better customer satisfaction. After the service launch, 79% of customer inquiries asked to expand the devices and the demand for terminal expansion of customers who want to use AR Navi continues.

Besides, in the U+ AR navigation promotional video, positive comments on services such as “Service that solves user’s inconvenience” and “It is a ray of light for bad with direction” and “When will LTE terminal be expanded? There were comments on terminal expansion inquiries such as this shows a high interest in customer service

By expanding the Conniro™ AR for vehicles to a mobile platform and, based on that, connecting the real-time camera data with the real world, it turned the static vehicle navigation service into a dynamic one, creating a new value.

It will continually expand supported devices and platforms so that more customers can experience the convenience of the AR navigation and will continuously improve the performance, such as shortening the preparation time before driving and enhancing the accuracy of functions during driving.

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