LG delivers keynote speech at Qt World Summit 2019 to talk about the future of connected cars and webOS Auto

Nov 6, 2019 | News

LG Electronics (LG) has delivered a keynote speech at Qt World Summit (QWS) Berlin for two consecutive years. Continuing from the last year’s “The long journey to the open-source of webOS”, LG talked about how webOS has evolved over the last year, especially in the field of the automotive industry. This year’s keynote was delivered by Helen Choi, vice president of Software Business PMO, CTO Division, LG Electronics.

The keynote, with the topic of “The Future of Connected Cars and webOS Auto”, discussed the recent trends in the automotive industry, where the industry is moving to and what value an operating system like webOS Auto can offer for its transition.

In addressing the changes in the automotive industry, Helen said, “Automotive business is transforming to platform business.” She continued, “The traditional focus was on the product value itself, but people seek more interactive and meaningful experiences with their vehicles. This means the industry is moving toward services and content and the platform is becoming more important.”

Helen introduced the strategy of webOS and the webOS Auto platform, highlighted how the platform leverages the rich and strong ecosystem of webOS and what the platform can contribute to the automotive industry. webOS Auto is a Linux-based infotainment platform for the next generation connected cars. “With its strong ecosystem, webOS Auto adds business values to the community and benefits carmakers with more platform options to pick and choose services and content for their differentiation,” Helen added.

webOS became an open source software platform last year, namely webOS Open Source Edition (OSE). webOS OSE 2.0 was recently released in Oct 29, 2019. Among many features in this release are new automotive features and upgrade to Qt 5.12 which enable a huge leap toward the automotive vertical. Helen emphasized that the integration of Qt into webOS helps the platform focus on value addition. “Qt brings advantages to our platform such as its cross-platform framework, minimum memory footprint, powerful performance especially with Qt 3D and QML engine, and beautiful UI/UX design capability,” said Helen.

Juha Varelius, CEO of Qt Group, commented on the collaboration between LG and Qt, “By collaborating with LG on this initiative, we’re able to make it easy as possible for our customers to build devices that bring a new definition to the word ‘smart’.”

Besides the keynote speech, LG also offered presentations on webOS during QWS 2019 Berlin. The technical presentations discussed “how to build QML apps for webOS and Qt Creator webOS Plugin” and “multiple display support in webOS using Qt”. The first session demonstrated how to build QML applications with webOS QML plugins and run the QML app built for the webOS target. Qt Creator webOS Plugin was also introduced. The second session showed how Qt helped webOS to overcome technical challenges to provide multiple displays on an embedded device. Additionally, other features for multiple displays available in the embedded environment were presented. Engineers from LG showcased webOS at the demonstration booth during the summit. Summit attendees and developers had the opportunity to experience some outstanding webOS features.