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automotive partners QT

The Qt Company offers ‘Qt’, a UI (User Interface) framework used in over 70 industries, including the automotive industry. With Qt, carmakers and automotive infotainment system developers can rapidly implement systems that customers want. LG and The Qt Company have made a strategic partnership agreement. Following the agreement, advanced webOS technology has been applied to an open source version of Qt, and webOS selected to become the official reference platform for Qt. Through this, webOS is expected to be applied to a variety of industries, including automotive.

automotive partners LUXOFT

Luxoft, a global digital strategy and software engineering company, has established a strategic partnership with LG and is developing next-generation software for autonomous driving and connected car with webOS Auto. webOS Auto customers can build their own customized system with Luxoft’s assistance.

automotive partners amazon alexa

Amazon launched Amazon Alexa Auto, an automobile version of the AI platform Alexa. Besides the main functions of Amazon Alexa, Amazon Alexa Auto offers specialized services for automotive infotainment solutions. Through partnership and technical cooperation with Amazon Alexa, webOS Auto assists in offering new, voice-controlled in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. To achieve the vision of a safer world, free of congestion and emissions, TomTom creates innovative technologies that keep the world moving. By combining the extensive experience with leading business and technology partners, TomTom powers connected vehicles, smart mobility and, ultimately, autonomous driving. As an example, TomTom’s location technology and LG’s infotainment platform, webOS Auto, will bring a variety of location-aware convenience features into a vehicle.

automotive partners here

HERE Technologies, a global leader in the map data and mapping-related service field, possesses location service and HD mapping technology. HERE Technologies, through a strategic partnership with LG, has applied HNoD (Here Navigation on Demand) to webOS Auto. HERE and LG cooperate to continuously provide evolving car infotainment experiences.

automotive partners microsoft
Microsoft provides Azure, a cloud platform powering cloud and AI services. LG is developing AI autonomous driving software utilizing Azure. LG applies Microsoft’s AI knowhow to LG’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver-Status Monitoring Camera (DSM) and Multi-purpose Front Camera. LG incorporates Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Solution in LG’s voice assistance automotive infotainment systems, and machine learning and data processing of AI software with Azure Data Box service. Also, LG offers an Automotive Infotainment Solution that integrates its webOS Auto for In-Vehicle Infotainment platform with Microsoft’s MCVP (Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform). By combining webOS Auto and MCVP, webOS Auto will be able to transmit a wide variety of data generated by the vehicle via cloud and partner carmakers can offer various services to customers using collected data.
automotive partners microsoft

Mapbox offers map, navigation and location related services based on its location data platform and concentrates on developing an automotive navigation service. Especially, you can implement your own map and navigation services according to the characteristics of your devices and services by using Mapbox API. Mapbox, through a partnership agreement with LG, has applied the navigation service developed by using Mapbox API to webOS Auto. Mapbox and LG cooperate to provide the new driving experiences.

automotive partners microsoft

iHeartRadio offers audio-based contents such as broadcast and podcast on mobile devices, TV and various devices based on its streaming radio platform. iHeartRadio, through a partnership agreement with LG, has applied the radio broadcast service to webOS Auto. iHeartRadio and LG cooperate to provide an enjoyable automotive infotainment system.

automotive partners microsoft

With Qualcomm, a global leader in wireless technologies, products and services for next-generation, LG has established a strategic partnership to develop webOS Auto. LG and Qualcomm have been closely cooperating in various fields, and in particular, through the strategic partnership, will collaborate on further advancing webOS Auto with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Development Platform (ADP). By doing so, the two companies will provide innovative features that allow customers to have the best experience of in-car infotainment.

“By collaborating with LG, we’re able to make it easy as possible for our customers to build devices that bring a new definition to the word ‘smart’ .”

Juha Varelius, CEO of Qt

“Working together with LG, we can empower automakers to deliver differentiated mobility experiences, create new services and revenue opportunities, and to build safer, more intelligent and more sustainable vehicles.”

Sanjay Ravi, general manager, automotive industry at Microsoft

“LG and Qualcomm Technologies create a great synergy effect in next-generation automotive software.”

Jim Cathey, senior vice president and president of global business operations, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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