Our Focus Area

LG Software Solutions will deliver ground-breaking innovation by evolving to meet customer’s needs, connecting intimately with the customer’s lives, and implementing an open collaboration strategy. Such innovative changes will create new values and a better life for everyone.

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The development of autonomous driving will mean that drivers won’t have to spend so much of their time driving. How can people utilize the extra time that autonomous driving will free up? The dramatic change to people’s lives will not be the autonomous driving vehicle itself, but rather the value of the user’s experience that autonomous driving provides. In the future, a vehicle will not be considered merely a means of transportation. It will be a mobility space that gives users entertainment and enhances productivity.
The main focus of LG smart mobility is to provide experiences during autonomous driving, and LG will provide remarkable solutions and services for creating an innovated in-car experience.

AI & Big Data

Nowadays, with the development of a variety of devices and technologies, there are many convenient methods for accomplishing different tasks. However, we must make decisions more quickly and more frequently using multiple devices, and are flooded with information in a rapidly changing environment. What if there was a solution that provided the proper answers after taking all the necessary factors?
LG proposes using Big Data solutions to intelligently analyze complex data in various fields via smart home appliances, smart factories, as well as cloud services and AI solutions that not only communicate between products and share information but also evolve themselves. LG’s AI and Big Data solutions will go far beyond customer expectations. They will be lifestyle innovators that help create a better life for the customer.

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